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Map of Peters Walks

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PHN offers superior headnets for the discerning Hunter, Prospector, Birder, Hiker, Traveler, Fisherman, or Trekker.

You can find these very nice Mosquito Head Nets here.


Map of Peter's Walks ? A larger version of this lives at Peter Vacco.com Home

Note : As of July 3 we are stacked solid with orders and i can not fill any more of this season.

Peter is sewing daily, and taking care of customers who's orders already exist. After that, i am going hiking, which i have not been out of the house for 8 weeks now.

If the situation changes, it will be posted here.

We have moved in a positive direction : Redesiging our nets for better function, durability, and fit.

We apologize for any inconvenience the slowdown may caused you and yours.

I would like to Thank from heart my customers who have been so patient, and trusted my work to go with you on your adventures thru life.