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Map of Peters Walks

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PHN offers superior headnets for the discerning Hunter, Prospector, Birder, Hiker, Traveler, Fisherman, or Trekker.

You can find these very nice Mosquito Head Nets here.


Map of Peter's Walks ? A larger version of this lives at Peter Vacco.com Home


Note : As of Jan 1 2015 we are out of time to both build nets and prepare/train for this spring's northern Canadian trek.

No new orders can be accepted at this time. I am sorry, but the calander is a cruel mistress.

Orders already received are being filled.

If the situation changes, it will be posted here.

For now, get the Sea to Summit nets from REI. They are hot and muggy, and you can't really see out of them ... but you won't get bit !

We apologize for any inconvenience the slowdown may cause you and yours.

I would like to Thank from heart my customers who have trusted my work to go with you on your adventures thru life.