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PetersHeadNets builds a premium mosquito headnet that offers superior protection with minimal annoyance. These are very probably the worlds nicest head nets.

PHN offers superior headnets for the discerning Hunter, Trekker, Prospector, Birder, Traveler, or Hiker.

PHN’s were developed over 22 years walking the Continental Divide from Mexico to the Bering Straights, across Alaska a second time to thru-hike the Brooks Range, a solo unsupported yo-yo of the Canol Road, then across the NorthWest Territories, and thence about a good chunk of Nunavut too. Thus, you can know they've been well tested in the bush. and proven over time. A PHN is a thoroughly developed piece of equipment.

PetersHeadNets are designed to be worn, if necessary, all day, every day, for weeks on end. There are times/places that one cannot comfortably leave the tent without wearing some form of protection. It can get sufficiently intense that insects will be affecting nearly every element of your existence. About then, you will not only want a PetersHeadNet, you will want .. a spare.

For good reasons, most people dislike head nets. PetersHeadNets are different, and they are better. Different in shape and materials and attitude. Better in that instead of causing you misery, we designed their elements to enhance “wearability”. Peter’s nets are reasonably comfortable, and you can actually tolerate them over extended time. Because they are not overly intrusive, you not only “can” wear them longer, you probably “will” wear them longer.

Once you remove the annoyance associated with wearing a headnet, it becomes an integral part of your gear. You can rely with some confidence on PHN to protect you, so you can enjoyably hunt, fish, work, and travel.

Some people running PHN's are rather hard core. Don't let the FAQ's put you off, Once protected, you can live amongst bugs and experience solitude, beauty, and game, that others simply never will. Privacy is luxury. PHN's look like a headnet, but they're almost a game changer.

How PetersHeadNets Came to Be.

If you do a Google search for Head Nets or Headnets, you'd see a wide variety of nets. Note that any of them you'd want to wear all relate back to either BackPackingLight (which is based originally on peter's design), or SimBlissity (who made them for BackPackingLight).

The Story : Years ago .. Peter handed the design concept and patterns to his friends @BackPackingLight.com. BPL contracted production to SimBlissity, of who's Brett Tucker Improved Them by developing the crown and lightening things up a bit. Eventually SimBlissity lost interest in sewing Head Nets, and after a polite amount of time, Peter entered commercial production. It's all good.

PetersHeadNets are the Proven Solution to Mosquitoes.


Above : UL Model Net showing crown installation and drop front. This model fits correctly over baseball caps and up to the size of hat (Tilley LTM5) pictured. We are calling this an average of a 2-1/4" brim.


Ever trek through this kind of area ? You'll understand why you need a head net that works.


Above : MacKenzie River, Canol Road Historic Trail : Preparing to raft across the MacKenzie River, while wearing a prototype net with un-stylishly too big of a hat. Also showing the preferred location to carry bear spray.